Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Improve your photography with classical art.

click here for the tutorial at unfocused

This technique is so easy and so effective - for extreme changes but also for subtle changes to portraits and holiday snaps which don't quite have the impact you hoped - without endless hours of editing and creating multiple layers and masks.
Open the picture with the colour scheme you like into photoshop, let's call it 'art'
Open the picture you want to change, we'll call it 'portrait'
Go to 'image / adjustments / match colour' select the 'art' picture from the spurce drop down menu and fiddle with the settings.
Have a go and have fun!

 Here's a picture of me before a after a 'match colour' process with "L'Olivier" by Georges Braque.

"Stained glass" paintings

“stained glass” painting | happy hooligans
These paintings by little ones are wonderful, and easy too!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sketch and draw

Not satisfied with a pastel drawing I did, I tried again. This time I finger painted on my phone with 'sketch and draw'. Its pretty effective and will even replay a movie of your picture as your create it. If I can capture the video, I will blog it.

Monday, 20 February 2012

On the way home

Using photostory 3
Have a little look at my photostory of a scene from Jill Murphy's 'On the way home'
I say in the clip that Dorothy is the voice of Claire, but was unavailable at the time of posting!
The software is so simple to use!
On the way home - view animation on you tube

Saturday, 11 February 2012

You too can fly!

We have lift off! (youtube link)
A fun, easy bit of video-trickery. It's easy but takes a lot of time and patience... the result is worth it though! Record a clip of someone jumping. Get them to jump around a room or across a park or garden. Using a movie editor, capture stills as your subject is at the top of each jump. Using animation software, like windows movie maker, put the still together into a short film. Hey presto - your subject is flying!